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By driving clean and efficient flow of air through the entire building, our range of air systems deliver healthy, comfortable, and visually appealing environments that increase work productivity and job satisfaction.

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IsoClean - at a quick glance

  1. Portable, Vertical Footprint
  2. Variable-Speed Adjustable Airflow
  3. Quiet Operation
  4. High Capacity HEPA Air Filter
  5. Low Cost

Learn About IsoClean

Engineered to provide the optimum combination of efficient HEPA air cleaning and provide a large number of room air changes perhour to minimize the spread of airborne diseases. Following are the steps:

STEP 1: The Isoclean is designed to draw unfiltered air into the lower portion of the unit towards the prefilter.

STEP 2: The prefilter goes to work and begins the process of filtering out contamination such as dust, dirt and dander.

STEP 3: ASHRAE is currently recommending a MERV 13 rating to combat airborne pathogens. HEPA filtration provides an even greater line of defense than a MERV 13 filter.

STEP 4: Finally, the air is cleansed. When configured for 100% air recirculation, the HEPA filtered air is returned to the environment.

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York IsoClean 800


  • Low cost isolation room
  • Flexible applications: clean air recirculating unit, negative pressure unit, or split system
  • Small and portable
  • 3-speed adjustable airflow
  • Easily accessible HEPA filter and prefilter
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York IsoClean CM


  • Airflow range from 500 to 1700 CFM (850-2549 m3/hr)
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • LED indicator for operation and filter replacement
  • Quiet operation and simple maintenance
  • 99.97% Galvanized frame high capacity HEPA filter standard
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